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  • Vastu Sun Brass Wall Hanging with Vaastu Surya Deva yantra

Vastu Sun Brass Wall Hanging with Vaastu Surya Deva yantra

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Maha Vastu Sun with  Sun Yantra – Attract name, fame and popularity

Maha Vaastu Sun with Sun Yantra, Awaken the leader in you! Think out of the box. When you are meek with your actions or when others dictate terms to you, the Sun can be at your ally to turn this around! Brighten up your positive side with the rays of the Sun to live your best. You are THE performer when the Sun shines at you. The Maha Vaastu Sun with Sun Yantra  refills your energy molecules to lead the show. Let the overflowing life energy fly you high to the pinnacle of success!

Speciality of Maha Vaastu Sun with  Sun Yantra   The Sun is the leader of all the celestial bodies, and a source of power and essential for all life. Similarly, his influence in your space plays a major role in determining your career growth, mental strength and success. When the Sun is exalted in his position, you will be a high spirited team player, a leader in your sphere and a charismatic personality. The Brass sun should be hung in the East 


Each Yantra or product is Cleansed, Energized and attuned to the Users Name and his Vaastu during auspicious astrologically calculated moments as per Vedic astrology. Only in this way it is guaranteed that they will carry in them exclusively the positive powers of the element and planets. For more info on techniques and process

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